The life at Casale

Taste of Sienese Cinta

A stone’s throw from us, a tasting of the famous products of Sienese Cinta

We like to welcome our guests, also by visiting the surroundings of Chianni, which reserves many beautiful surprises during the holiday in Valdera.
We certainly could not forget to let you know our perfumes, our colors and our flavors that will remain impressed in the memory once you return home.
This is why we want you to taste good food such as Sienese Cinta cured meats, bruschetta with organic flavored oils and perhaps accompanied by good Tuscan wine.

famous products of Sienese Cinta

Tasting is not just about drinking or eating, it is a moment of reflection in harmony with the surrounding nature. It is a moment that awakens the conscience and makes you reflect pleasantly, collecting all the sensations.
Staying at our farmhouse, we will offer you the opportunity to visit our friends of the “Cinta Di Guido” to visit the farm and taste their products, such as extra virgin olive oil, obtained with the traditional system of presses where the olives are pressed only once without resorting to the heat, allowing the oil to emerge spontaneously, from the pasta of the olives, keeping unchanged all the characteristics of perfume and taste of the fruit, all just a few kilometers from us.

Look on the map as it is easy to reach the Cinta Senese company

We are really close and the landscape where we are immersed is truly beautiful: the real Tuscany, cypress trees, camapgna, vineyards….
Indicazioni sulla posizione della cinta senese di Guido

By tasting the products of Cinta Senese, purebred pigs, left to graze freely in the farm grounds, you will understand the accurate work of cattle breeders carried out with passion from the beginning up to the achievement of the finished product (salami, ham, bacon, capicollo , sausage etc …)
Here, at Casale La Collina, you can take advantage of this opportunity, an excellent opportunity to book now (including a visit to the company) even if the summer vacation season seems so far away!