Scent of coffee and chocolate in Tuscany

It seems incredible, but aromas from the Valdera are also emanating from those that one can expect from any territory of classical Tuscany!
And yet it is like that: that good aroma of freshly ground coffee and that scent of the bar of freshly broken chocolate are at home at DM Caffè a Casciana Terme, a stone’s throw from our farmhouse. And you can taste them all!
In addition to the proposal of coffee and chocolate tastings, there are also some special teas and tea. A perfect idea for an afternoon, a really special break!
just to make you mouth water I make two or three names of prestigious brands proposed by the company: chocolate Amedei, Slitti and Meinichetti, coffee Illy, Bourbon and Lavazza…
Classic Italian, classic Tuscan, in a special mix: our identity.
Did I tickle you enough? Now you just have to take advantage of it: if you stay with us you can ask us for more details and information at any time and we will be happy to help you book a coffee and a tasting of chocolate in Tuscany!
Do not wait too long, the aroma could evaporate…

Meanwhile, enjoy a nice video that explains the processing of Amedei chocolate and make you want!

And then watch the 2017 event dedicated to the tasting of the Slitti products… a real delicacy.

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