The life at Casale

Pisan hills: land of discoveries

Precisely because it is a bit ‘less famous than others, the pisan hills offers a galaxy of surprises

and we will try to offer you some … just to intrigue you a little!
We promise you other goodies … keep following us!

First take a look at Chianni. We are located a stone’s throw from the village, immersed in the countryside and surrounded by the magical and rolling hills that characterize this corner of Tuscany.

Fly above CHIANNI:


Then we enlarge and take a look at a larger area that could take on the appearance of a ring that connects a series of localities of the Pisan hills:


Visit MONTAIONE with us:

Now we can land and rest for a moment, before resuming the journey. How about a stop at our Casale La Collina? We are right in the best strategic position to visit these villages.
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